Dear guests, partners, colleagues, clients and friends of the Centre of Eastern development and culture "Sakura Matsuri"!

Ladies and gentlemen! Dear friends!

We are pleased to welcome you in the center of eastern development and culture "Sakura Matsuri"! Our Center is the embodiment of peace, harmony and style. In modern life we rarely can afford deserved rest and relaxation. Because of the constant rush it is difficult to break and give yourself a few hours of peace to your mind and creativity.

Our center was created in the first place, in order to become an oasis of harmony and comfort, where you can always feel the atmosphere of ease, get aesthetic pleasure, cheerfulness and great mood. In addition to a pleasant holiday for your soul you will find informative excursion to the world of eastern wisdoms. Eastern countries have always been interesting because of skills, wisdom and patience. For you here are lectures, both general and specialized.

We are also happy to contribute to your decision to do business with Japanese companies or in Japan and share our experiences. Searching for the best solutions, we rely on many years of diverse experience and our close links and collaboration with leading experts and companies in the world.

Making great effort to contribute to the development of the world, the Center of Eastern Development and Culture regularly organizes and is the partner of the social events aimed at diverse challenges faced by modern society. If you share our belief that each person can make influence something and make the world better, even to a small extent, we are happy to see you among our partners and thanks to joint efforts we can achieve great results.

Yours sincerely,

Head of the Center of eastern development and cultures

K. Semenova



In my life there are two key areas. The biggest is great passion on education and its methodology. Education is the basis of prosperity of the country, nation and humanity. My career path has led to specialization in the management of diverse cross-cultural projects at international level. During my career I gained experience in strategic planning, budget planning, implementation and adaptation of innovative technologies, communications and public relations. My own cross-national basis, and interest to the improvement of technology, analysis of the national heritage of Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Japan, China, the United States all together these experiences allow to navigate in international cooperation and interaction, understanding national identity and way of perception of these countries.

My experience has shown that there are no profitable or unprofitable professions, occupations, directions, projects. Professionalism backed with confidence, willingness to work and followed his goal - the success of any business. Each project hides immense possibilities. Of course, it is necessary to remember about flexibility and sensitivity to the environment. Today interest to the East is growing rapidly and further to the level of entertainment. It all started with an art master classes: calligraphy, origami, sumi-e (Japanese painting), suminagashi (amazing art, means "floating ink tanks", drawing is created on the surface of the water, and then transferred to canvas, cloth, paper), kirigami ikebana.

Today exhibitions on various aspects of the East, festivals, which gather a significant number of visitors take place. Our Anime Festival "Cherry blossoms" arranged last year joined 900 fans of Japanese culture and since that moment will last 90 days in the area of the Carpathian mountains. Japan equals quality, growth and development. The most popular destinations are martial arts and developing arts. If you look closely, you will see that a lot of people are fond of East: feng shui, clothes with Japanese characters, sushi at last! Origami is popular in advertising and cinema. In summer a lot of people are happy to go to the camp with the eastern slope - our concept of "smart vacation" - the combination of Japanese approach to education, development and Ukrainian hospitality, including ethnic aspects, language camp, family programs and "birth of a woman," from year to year attracts more and more participants. There is growing demand on oriental style in clothing, interior. This year we open Japanese clothing line. In this collection we combine Japanese finesse, personality, quality with our requirements and wishes for clothing from casual to evening. Everyone, regardless of gender, physique, appearance is beautiful, elegant and stays himself wearing these clothes.

Still there is one negative aspect in the spreading love for Japanese, Chinese and Korean culture. Lack of awareness creates a lot of charlatans, resulting in hieroglyphics tattoos with a bit invalid sense and etc.

My Life is partially Japanese culture, calligraphy, design and, of course, Japanese quality standards. And the aim is to help to know more about Eastern countries.


Author of methodology of English language study, distance learning program “English in 15 minutes a day”. Author of a program “10 days in GB” – a specialized course for those who travel a lot especially on business.

Author of a training specialized courses “English for restaurateurs”, “English for seamen”, “English for designers”, “English for layers”, “English for doctors and medical staff” – these programs as well as books I am working at right now are unique and have no analogue at present time.

Author of additional business courses for students “Implementing a business plan – a few steps to the realization of your dream”, “Becoming an inventor – method of focal objects”, “Becoming an inventor – method of synectics”, “Becoming an inventor – method of brainstorm”.

Coordinator of several English training programs and master-classes in Japanese culture and arts for orphans.

Creator and chief of the project – A magazine for English Learners, first magazine-tutor - “BigChilli”.

Founder of the first cross-cultural Centre of Eastern Development and Culture "Sakura Matsuri".

Founder of the first School of Japanese calligraphy "Yukino Shyodokai".

Founder of a new branch in Japanese art of ikebana - "Yuki no Hi" (Snow sun).

Author of methodologies of Japanese teaching and study.

Author of the book "Japanese calligraphy".

The president of Social organization "Evangelion", which aims forces to improvement of life, international co-operation, ecology and so on.

Co-author of the Codex of a citizen of Wonderful World.

The Chief of the Press-centre of International Federation "Arashi karate".

Social Activity and Awards

For outstanding various scientific, social and art activity awarded with The Honorable Lomonosov Sign, instituted in the name of Lomonosov on the three-hundred anniversary.

For help to children with limited abilities and the disabled awarded with the Honorable Mark "Gorlitsa".

Awarded with Honorable Mark in the name of The Queen Luisa Prusskaya.

Twice awarded with the Rose of gratefulness.

Dimploma of gratitude of Kiev Administration of Shevchenko district for the support of Charity Ecological Festival "Wonderful family" and charity ecology action "Green Oasis" (2012).

Personal Awards

Laureate of Ukrainian competition “Intellect 3000” in 6 different fields: economy, social, business , 2011.

Laureate of regional competition “Intellect 3000”, 2010.

Certificate of participation “Ace Manager”, Second Set, BNP PARIBAS, 17.02.2010-17.03.2010

English Language Certificate “General English C1 Effective Proficiency”, Teaching Centre, BC, Kyiv

Certificate of participation in International interuniversity science student conference “A student in educational process: innovations as a component of formation of competitiveness of a specialist”

3rd place award in nomination “Practical research in the humanities”, set of 4th All-Ukraine youth competition “Modern Intellect of Ukraine”

3rd place award in nomination “Practical research in the economic field”, set of 4th All-Ukraine youth competition “Modern Intellect of Ukraine”

Honourable diploma for active scientific methodological activity on improvement of the educational and training process.

Honorary diploma for creative organization work in development of present educational system of Ukraine.

Repeated winner of school Olympiads (5 times in Olympiads in English, 7 times in mathematics, 2 times in physics, 4 times in literature)

Best Student Award, 2005

Professional Awards

Platinum Award - The best specialist in art field. (2010)

Honored Diploma for incredible contribution to various development of humanity, active scientific and methodological activity and creative development. (2010)

Honored Diploma for participation in the literature competition "Way to success". (2010)

Honored Diploma, Nomination "Eastern cultures - international cooperation: pros and cons". (2012)

Honored Diploma for participation in X-th International PR-festival. (2012)

Honored Diploma for the help, kindness and attention to the disabled. (2012)

Honored Diploma for active integration of innovation education technologies. (2012)

Honored Diplomas for the participation in the V-th "Alfa-festival" as master of calligraphy, master of ikebana, master of origami. (2012)

Honored Diploma for participation in the exhibition "The world of childhood and school". (2013)

Honored Diploma for participation in XI-th International PR-festival. (2013)

Honored Diploma for personal contribution into the improvement of the content of the educational process. (2013)

Honored Diploma for the participation and contribution in the first festival of international wedding traditions "The Family Tree", for the revival and popularisation ethnic traditions, high professional level. (2013)

Honored Diplomas for the participation in the VI-th "Alfa-festival" as master of calligraphy, master of ikebana, master of origami, master of tea ceremony. (2013)

Sport Awards and Achievements

Certificate of successful pass of examination for the 6th kyu (grade) in kudo daidojuku (International federation of Kudo daidodjuku)

Certificate of successful pass of examination for the 7th kyu (grade) in kudo daidojuku (International federation of Kudo daidodjuku)

Certificate of successful pass of examination for the 8th kyu (grade) in kudo daidojuku (International federation of Kudo daidodjuku)

1st place in the competition in kudo daidodjuku (Kiev, 2009)

2st place in the competition in kudo daidodjuku (Kiev, 2009)

3st place in the competition in kudo daidodjuku wrestling (Kiev, 2009)

Publications and reports

International conference “Actual problems of linguistics and lingvodidactics of business communication according to new educational technologies”, Moscow State Institute International Relations Russia

All-Russian scientific practical conference “Actual questions of innovational technologies use in educational process”

International conference “Up-to-date small towns – strategy and development”

All-Ukraine conference “Innovational technologies as a component of formation of competitive specialist”

Participant of 8th international contest of pupil and student essay “human rights – my personal opinion”

Participant of 4th international practical conference “Actual problems of traditional and eastern martial arts”, Academy of internal security troops Ministry of International Affairs, Ukraine

“The role of U.N.O. in regulation of international conflicts”

“The law strength of international organization decisions”

“Tendencies and problems of formation of Eurasian economic union”

“Analytical research of financial systems of Poland, Czech republic and Slovenia acciording to credit system transformation on entering EU”

“My view of future education system of Ukraine”

“A pack of effective anti-recessionary decisions”

“Social work with a family”

“The role of intellectual values in the process of family integration”

“Saving and modernizing moral and ethic values of Ukrainian society”

“How Ukraine can gain the right place on the international arena”

“Development of competitiveness of Ukrainian books”

“Forming an effective model of Ukrainian state power”

“Education in the sphere of stable development”

“The basement of professional teacher training in Denmark”

“A strategy of stable development of an enterprise in the global world”

“Economical and theoretical evaluation of conditions of marketing conception formation and development”

“Up-to-date condition of insurance market in Ukraine”

“Emotional direction of a personality in practice of traditional martial arts on the background of Kudo Daidodjuku International Federation”

Hobbies and leisure time

Mountain climbing, jogging, martial arts, extrim sports as well as parachute jumping, car racing, horse riding, moto sport, reading, foreign languages, animals and so on.


"There are three ways of living: be surprised of news, not to notice the news and create news. I choose the third one".

"The one is the creator of his own fortune as well as the future".