Japanese tattoo – Irezumi


Expert of Japanese culture, Japanese language and calligraphy will help you:

- Choose the tattoo or symbol that truly reflects the thoughts or things you want to express

- Make the interpretation of the tattoo

- Make a sketch of your future tattoo

One of Oriental style tattoos which is widely used all over the world, is Japanese. Japanese tattoos inherently contain mythical stories aboout the sea.

Key elements are fish, dragons and samurai. The main feature of Japanese tattoos is its size - often such a tattoo covers a large area of the body. Another sign of the classic Japanese tattoo - it is dynamic. Knowledge of the placement of muscles gives the correct execution and life to the drawing.

Since the tattoo is not for one day, but perhaps for lifetime, it is important to choose not only the design, but also its color, as color can have an impact on the frequency of human breathing, rhythm, heartbeat and many other physiological characteristics human body. Future tattoo should reflect the things or ideas that are somehow related to you. Remember, the tattoo will decorate the body throughout your life. So if you get a tattoo, seen on someone a few days ago, you may soon get great desire to get rid of it. Choosing your tattoo you should not be in a hurry. This applies to women's tattoos, intimate tattoos, Japanese tattoos, Celtic tattoos, and with the characters. In general, any and all. If you constantly think about the tattoo, think about something close to your heart and you will successfully make your choice.