Leave lasting legacy

One night — three aims: for peace, education and tolerance.

We invite you to a wonderful event in support of the opening of the Centre of Development and Culture in Dubai.

30 july, 2019


The Centre of Development and Culture “Sakura Matsuri” is first innovative education and cultural project founded in 2003 to fill in the intellectual and cultural vacuum in the modern society, renew the cooperation and unite people.

Key mission of the Centre is peace and cooperation.

TASK 1. Tolerance.

The one brought up with love carries love.

To gain understanding we need to cultivate certain values in childhood. As the adults, making decisions, do this on the basis of concerns and ideas formed when they were children.

Cultural events and acquaintance with traditions and customs of other nations help to gain understanding that other people, other nations, other cultures do exist, joint with the one thing—the place we all live —the Earth.

Readiness to accept the difference makes us People and let us live in peace.

TASK 2. Education.

The modern world requires the modern speed.

Innovative decisions on basic and further education are based on individual perception, needs and predisposition; result in the increase of the effectiveness of the education, decrease of the time necessary for mastering skills and improvement of the attitude to the learning process.

Key concept is a complex of education methods such as visualization, game method, multimedia, interactive learning method, mnemonics, art, role playing and others.

TASK 3. Care.

Contribute. Develop. Care.

Since 2003 we organized thousands of events aiming to favor international cooperation, understanding among nations, promotion of healthy life style and other honorable aims: conferences, exhibitions, competitions, contests, presentations, Culture days, festivals, as well as supported multiple charity and social events: “Red nose festival” - for children suffering from cancer support, “Happy paw” - for homeless animal care, “International Day of the deaf”, Eco festival “Happy family”, “East Fest” for acquaintance with Islamic culture, multiple art festivals, exhibitions, conferences devoted to Sport, Health, Children Care, Education, World Wide Cooperation and others.

Beyond this, we developed programs for care:

• Smart camp – programs for healthy life style and introducing of family values.

• Wise heart — a program for cancer cure.

• “Chilli mama” - a program for women’s health restoration after birth of a child.

• Art programs for children with disabilities.

• Programs for cultural exchange.


In 2005 we developed the method of Japanese language teaching from zero level, conducted the investigation “The influence of Eastern arts on intellectual development and health of a human”, created a game method for Japanese language teaching. Express English method was established— “Master of English in 15 minutes”. Complex programs for teaching specialized English was developed. An investigation “The key features of Japanese PR and marketing and the way of usage” was conducted.

In 2007 the method of hieroglyph teaching was developed. This year we were first in the world to develop the complex methodology of Japanese art teaching including origami, Japanese and Chinese calligraphy, Ikebana and others. Conception of “Smart camp” was established – the balanced rest for everybody – mind, creativity and health; family interconnection. This year the beginning of investigation of the Japanese art influence on cure and prevention of several diseases took place.

In 2008 the method of teaching Eastern language grammar was developed including English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean languages. Text-books on origami and Japanese calligraphy were published. New way of Ikebana was designed – “Yuki No Hi”.

2009-2014 years. Experimental method of Japanese language teaching, its implementation, test and correction.Experimental methods on cure and prevention of several diseases. The start of recreation program for women.

In 2014 due to the innovation method of Japanese language teaching method the following results were achieved: - the time necessary for Japanese alphabets study was reduced up to 3 hours. In 3 hours now students learn how to read and write in Japanese; the time required for mastering language skills reduced in 7,4 times. - The time necessary for gaining Intermediate level in English and Japanese was reduced up to 14 months from zero level.

In 2014 game method gained Microsoft Award.

In 2015 development of interactive methods of education was started. The recreation woman program started.

Since 2003 we look for, find, preserve and develop historical, art and tradition legacy of the nations.

We build the bridge across the gap of misunderstanding.

The results will be:

• Creation of peaceful world and surroundings filled with love, harmony and kindness for our children.

• Understanding among representatives of different nationalities and cultures due to getting acquainted with each other, study of culture and traditions. And as the result—international cooperation, cultural, business and education exchange, support and peace coexistence.

• Raise of intellectual level and improvement of education due to innovative decisions and methods.

• Development of creativity and mind activity.

• Recreation programs and ways for cure the wide range of diseases.

• Possibilities and higher chances for new quality of life for those who lost their hope.

• Intellectual and cultural development of the society.

• Art and tradition legacy — preservation and development.

• Cross-cultural events: exhibitions, conferences, festivals.

A significant evening

Main features of Gala Dinner will be: warm hospitality, ‘Money-can’t buy’ experiences, great meetings, performances, entertainment, communication and joy on the background of a unique exhibition of calligraphy “Stone face. Leather heart” showing that the feelings we experience are the same despite of the nationality and place we live.

The culmination of the vent will be an extraordinary auction of rare, exclusive and what’s the most important — significant lots. Special: an ancient Japanese dance with fans — be the one to see this incredible performance!

Exhibition tickets

Tickets for this unordinary exhibition of Japanese calligraphy but about feelings known for everybody are available to purchase, priced AED 750 per

Enjoy this magical evening

Join us for a wonderful evening and let’s create lasting legacy together!

We appreciate any contribution and will be glad to welcome you in our team!